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Australia's Leading Disability Care Providers

Many people with disabilities don't allow it to keep them from living rich, fulfilling lives. Even some serve as an inspiration to both disabled and non-disabled people. We also have some examples like Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Pat Stack, and others who have set a standard that nothing can hold you back if you are capable.
The Hale Foundation was established to serve better the needs of our friends, family members, and members of the disability community who require individualised disability care. We have a wealth of expertise in providing care for people with disabilities and are experts in adjusting all types of support so that our participants can achieve their objectives. Our participants are actively inspired and worked with by our dependable management team and support staff to attain more independent and satisfying lifestyles. Many Western Australians look to and trust Hale Foundation for disability services because of our support flexibility and easily accessible personnel.

In WA, the Hale Foundation is a licenced NDIS service provider. We have developed a vision to assist families and individuals with disabilities lead their chosen lives. We assist with daily living activities australia so that they can have a life full of opportunities for happiness and are dedicated to giving them more choice, flexibility, and control over the everyday care they get. We comprehend their wish to remain in their own house. We wish to help people with their simple tasks by ensuring they live successfully, safely, and pleasantly in their environment. We have years of experience in this area. Depending on their situation, each disabled individual may require a unique solution.

For this reason, we work to preserve value at the centre of all we do. We collaborate closely with our case managers and families to provide and create a unique care plan for each client. We take pride in supporting even the most complicated instances of the day. We don't think twice about enlisting the aid of our medical specialists, a group of pros, and customer service personnel in this.

We have staff members with prior expertise in the disability sector who are driven and eager and come from various backgrounds. Our team is very knowledgeable about the disability care industry and effective strategies for assisting clients in becoming independent and achieving their objectives.

Person-centred care, which reflects the uniqueness of our participants, is something that everyone at we are enthusiastic about. Our team treats participants and one another with care, respect, and understanding, as if they were a part of our extended family.

Our team ensures we abide by industry standards while providing moral care to our diverse participants. Hale Foundation consistently promotes participant freedom, and our staff works to support the community integration of people with disabilities.