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How to fix inability to download attachments in ATT Email

Have you been facing issues while downloading attachments in ATT? Is your email not supporting the images or videos? Don’t panic! You are not the only one who is facing such issues, there are many users of this webmail provider who often face such difficulties. In this blog, you will get a solution to your concerned issue of attachments. Among many issues, some can be solved through troubleshooting, but some require expert advice and that you can get from AT&T customer care number 1-844-794-2515, where you will be assisted by the trained technicians who will sort out your issue.

If you are not able to send attachments then it could be related to browser settings, file size, file name or unsupported file encryption or something else. Following are some points that you can follow to resolve the issue.

Solution: Fixing the download attachment issue in ATT Email

  • First, check your browser settings – check if the browser you are using is supported by the mail service. If it is supported, then clear the cookies and cache.
  • Reduce file size – if you are not able to send attachment then it could be due to its larger file size. This email supports attachments up to 25MB.
  • Remove any special characters from file name – check if you are unable to send the attached file, consists of any special characters or symbol, this may be the obstruction.
  • Reformat encrypted files – this email has an option of encryption, but it only works when both the sender and receiver have unlocked key. Try to get it in an unencrypted format and see if it works.
  • Slow network connection – this problem also occurs due to slow or bad network connection, try getting it at high speed.

By the solutions provided above, you can easily download the attachments, but if those did not work too, then directly reach out to AT&T technical support number, which can be contacted any time of the day. The team of experts will take your issue on priority and help you in resolving it in the least possible time.

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