Unlock Your Hip Flexors Mike Westerdal & Rick Kaselj

Cycling is also a great way to Unlock Your Hip Flexors tone the thigh muscles. Building strength on the legs is half the work done if you want to know how to increase your vertical in a week. Remember that since you want fast results you have to try to perform specific routines which are designed to give you knee strength so that you can suspend yourself in air long enough to dunk the basketball into the net or hit the volleyball hard enough to smash it into the ground.

Wearing knee caps is very important as intensive workouts can lead to injuries easily. Whenever you rush through a workout to achieve results very fast you raise the possibility of injury manifold. Plyometric weight training is very essential for dunkers. Jumping training for aspiring basketball players must include this training program intensively. However, there are a few ground rules to this program that is common to all workout programs.

Use light ten pound dumbbells to start with your plyometric training. Keep each in one hand and start stepping up and down the first step of a flight of stairs. Don't look down while you do this. Keep your back straight and your arms tucked in with your fists holding the dumbbells in front of your chest.

There are plyometric vests available which cost quite a lot. These have weights attached to different areas which increase resistance when one indulges in sporting activities. If you cannot afford to buy one of them then use a scuba diving suit for this purpose. However, be careful since the belt at the waist of this suit can open up easily, letting the weights lose, right on your toes!