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Pouch does not mean lying silkworm

Since we recognize the bags under the eyes and lying silkworm, and believe that many MM will begin to worry about the bags under the eyes will find you unknowingly. Some people think that their bags under the eyes is not too obvious, always want to wait until the big bags under the eyes and then some maintenance, this concept is wrong. For bags under the eyes, we can do a good job in advance of prevention.

How to make false eyelashes look more natural

Such as "sticky false eyelashes must make eye makeup becomes very exaggerated" This idea has long been out of date! The latest natural models of false eyelashes not only with the real hair is very similar, even adding brown hair to make false eyelashes and eyelashes more Naturally fused together. Mascara can not match the US eyelashes effect by false eyelashes to achieve!

1 with the pulp gently press the eyelashes out.

2 False eyelashes bend to enhance softness.

5 minutes can have a simple makeup

Today, Xiao Bian to teach you how to "head and face" to go to work, to ensure that you in the face of many tired in the thriving.... Prepare an isolation, a BB cream, light coffee beige eye shadow, a coffee color eyeliner pen, pink blush and lipstick, fine tooth comb mascara. The next moment is to witness the miracle!

Step 1: Quickly clean the face with warm water, respectively, out of the corner of the coin size of the Cream and BB cream first with isolation, after the end of makeup evenly painted face, lightly cover the flaws.

Do you like a smaller face type?

First you need to prepare a brush, shadows and highlights.

Step1 below the cheekbones, with a brush on one end of your ear, the other end of the brush against your mouth, outside the brush area is where you need to smear the shadow.

4 steps with individualized eyebrows

1. First determine the brow, Mei Feng, Mei Wei position, the width of the rough eyebrows is best not to exceed three-quarters of the eye.

Why women want to use blush

Blush's biggest effect is to bring a sense of bloody face, so that the skin looks natural rosy. Slightly the same as the face of a fever cheek, gorgeous performance of the impression. So how to draw blush is very critical. First of all, to prepare a sufficient amount of gross and soft hair of the large brush, the next step is to determine the location of the painting.

How to have a dazzling makeup

1 medicated eye shadow and nail polish
Few people will pay attention to the harmony of eye shadow and nail polish, in fact, this is the performance of attention to detail! But if you do a French manicure, do not have so much worry, because it will cater to almost all eye shadow color, but also make you look more elegant.

Do you know the makeup of the East

The Eastern world is like a treasure to explore the endless, to a lot of fashion creative design inspiration, fashion, jewelry, makeup is also the case of China. In the fashion circle, this season "East" is red!

Moire Vs embroidery
In the makeup of the sketch, the use of the moire pattern elements. While the eyeliner is also integrated into the overall pattern, making the curve of the eye more flexible. Blush with traditional red, from the nose to the hairline sweep is also the characteristics of traditional Chinese makeup.

Four steps of care lip skin

Q1: lip Exfoliating products often use?
A: lips very thin cuticle, high sensitivity, rub the scrub particles easily to swollen inflammation, lip Exfoliator not more than 2 times a week, preferably with hot packs, with vegetable oil and massage help shedding old dead skin health.

How to Care for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin cleaning time should not be too long, otherwise it will make the skin easy to red pain. Whether it is beauty care or home care, each procedure for sensitive skin should be more gentle, and the time should not be too long, because every action on your sensitive skin will be a threat. Exfoliating the professional cleaning of the skin is very important for thorough cleaning.


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