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What you need to do is go to the nearby optical shop

Submitted by alisa on Thu, 09/14/2017 - 22:21

You need to do is to the nearby optical shop, or go to the hospital to check your eyes, the need to check is also very simple, nothing more than myopia, whether astigmatism, if there is astigmatism, then astigmatism and astigmatism axis, The last is the interpupillary distance, that is, the distance between the two eye center, for those who do not have astigmatism need to give the parameters of myopia and interpupillary distance, with astigmatism need to give the number of myopia, astigmatism, Pupil distance.

If you do not know how to fill in, you can refer to some of the models provided by our company, and then follow the data on your prescription table to fill out our site prescription, but because the different hospitals have different prescription single format, where to buy dial vision glasses? If you read the model we provided after, or do not know, you can prescribe a single camera or scan to our professionals, we can help you deal with.
This optometry prescription on the customer to match the degree of:

Right eye: dial vision ,-2.00 / -1.00x60, that is, myopia 200 degrees, astigmatism 100 degrees, astigmatism of the axial direction of 60 degrees, visual acuity of 1.0.

Left eye: -3.50 / -0.50x85, that is, myopia 350 degrees, astigmatism 50 degrees, astigmatism axial position of 85 degrees, visual acuity of 1.0.