What do you need to do with your hair?

As the mask, so that the face to double the absorption of nutrients, hair can also do hair film; oil and hair film, you can lock the loss of protein and water, so that hair can increase the opportunity to absorb nutrients,

Method: first wash wet hair, and then hair film or oil products evenly painted with hair, but should not directly contact the scalp, and then wrapped with fresh paper wrapped with hot air for 15-20 minutes, and finally clean.

(1) with the hair film or oil, it is best to have steam at the same time, because the heat can make the surface of the surface particles to expand the space, so that hair more easily absorb the necessary nutrients.
(2) may wish to bath in the first hair or oil supplies deposited on the hair, and then wrap, and then only to hot water again, so hot water will have a steam effect to help absorb nutrients.
(3) tyme gold plated titanium hair and oil and hair spray products sub-bleaching, hot and dry hair, remember to understand their hair before making a choice.
(4) think of hair faster recovery luster, you can do every two days. Cut off the fork and then oil, the effect is even better.
Painted tail
tyme curling iron  expert Lu Hong pointed out that this method is the most efficient, because it can make the surface of the temporary moisturizing, but palliative, less hair film or oil as deep absorption.
The cut off the cut, and after each shampoo should use conditioner, do not always hair what, so that the damage to the hair will be how the hair bifurcation how to tackle the problem.