Have a long-lasting exquisite look makeup is the key

Japan's false eyelashes, Dolly Wink must let everyone impressed, the packaging box printed on the wing if the wing of the head, people at a glance eyelash effect. Before the introduction of several are more GAL Department of exaggerated models, and now Dolly Wink launched six new false eyelashes, and before the same as transparent terrier, all natural models, especially for novice Oh!

Step1: Have a long-lasting exquisite look makeup is the key to the overall makeup, apply appropriate amount of cream on the skin, with your fingers gently open to make it completely fit the skin.

Step2: use curl type mascara brush eyelashes, eyelashes above the eyes must be more than a few times to highlight the curling. After the eyelashes comb open, brush out the root of the curling eyelashes.According to careprost bimatoprost reviews and comparison of the results, bimatoprost, when compared with latanoprost, was associated with greater mean reductions in IOP, greater mean increases in the percentage of patients demonstrating target IOP, and greater response rates. The differences between drugs were not always statistically significant. Overall, the between-group differences in mean IOP ranged from 0 to 1.5 mm Hg.buy bimatoprost eye drops on official store.

Step3: painted lipstick should also be preceded by lip balm primer, so that lips more moist, full, reduce the lip eye conspicuous degree. With lip liner from the center of the lip began to draw on both sides of the mouth, then in the frame can be swept on the lipstick.