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Greasy and needs to be cleaned regularly

Submitted by alisa on Wed, 09/13/2017 - 23:15

If your hair is slender, greasy and needs to be cleaned regularly, then your hair is oily hairy. Today we come to learn how to oily hair in the diet how to health care.The tyme curling iron gold is designed well to use. There is a 360 swivel cord. The TYME will make a style for the hair within minutes. From curling to styling, the TYME will fulfill your need. You will get shiny and silky hair with the iron.The tyme iron best price is the best for the quality of the professional has the titanium plates, and this may save the time to make curls.

Oily hair characteristics: hair greasy, shampoo the next day, hair root has appeared grease, scalp, such as thick scales accumulated in the hair root, easy itchy. Due to excessive secretion of sebum,tyme iron uk leaving the hair greasy, mostly with hormone secretion disorders, genetic, mental stress, over-carding and regular consumption of high-fat foods, these factors can increase oil secretion. Hair is thin, oily hair is more likely, this is because each fine hair circumference smaller, the unit area of ??the hair follicle more, sebaceous glands also increased, so the secretion of sebum also.

Oily hair should be how to pay attention to diet: the main means is shampoo and rational use of shampoo, and pay attention to diet. Some contraceptives will affect the female hormone balance, change the oil secretion, the choice should be discussed with the doctor: change to beer for hair gel, with lemonour Runfa, can effectively remove the oil; with apple vinegar Runfa, can nourish the scalp and remove Shampoo remnants. In the diet should pay attention to drink plenty of water, eat some slow green processing of fresh green vegetables, meat dishes to low-fat protein is appropriate, such as river fish, chicken and so on. After dinner drink some warm mint tea, insist on eating two fresh fruit every day. And take a small amount of vitamin E and yeast tablets.