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How to fix Problems in using Lexmark printer on the network

Lexmark printers offer a wide variety of features from scanning to printing and let you print using a cable as well as enables wireless printing. It also enables fast printing along with high-quality printing. But there can be several issues while connecting the printer to the network like connectivity issue, slow printing etc. These issues can be easily resolved using technical expertise. You can contact us at the Lexmark Printer Support Number to take the help of our technical experts.

It can happen sometimes that you may encounter frequent issues while using Lexmark printer on the network, then you can use the given troubleshooting tips to fix the issues.

1. First, make sure that all the required devices like routers, hubs, switches are properly connected and turn on.
2. Then, check the IP address you are using is correct for your network.
3. Now check if the network you are using is working properly and the signal strength is also appropriate.
4. If you are using Ethernet cable, then make sure it is properly connected and is not damaged from any side.
5. Also, check if the green light on the printer Ethernet port is turned on when the cable is attached.
6. Restart the access point by turning it off once and on again and then wait for some time to let the printer re-establish the connection.
7. Recheck the settings of the network connection if they are properly set or not.
8. Also, make sure that no electronic device is interfering with the wireless signal and the printer is away from all these devices.
9. The issue can also arise when the wireless network is very busy due to: too many computers connected to the same network or transferring large files using the same network.

Except this, you can try using a different network connection to reconnect the printer and then test a print page. If you are still facing network issues with your Lexmark printer, then you can opt for the technical assistance available at Lexmark Customer Service Phone Number. Technical guidance will be provided for every issue with Lexmark printer as well as for all the technical and non-technical glitches.

Instant support is ensured at our support service as all the technicians are very efficient and quick in the services and the resolve the issue in the best possible manner.

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