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The Most Reliable Hair Transplant Surgery Options

Submitted by akshadraza on Fri, 09/14/2018 - 10:17

Almost every individual faces the problem of hair fall in some way or the other. Although falling of a few strands of hair is quite natural and need not be a matter of worry for anyone, however, severe hair loss needs to be addressed immediately with the right treatment. With the advancements in medical science, the most trusted and the most effective treatment for hair loss or baldness is hair transplant.

How is hair transplant conducted?

The procedure involved in a hair transplant consists of extracting tiny groups of hair follicles from an area of the head where there is full and permanent hair growth. The extracted groups are then transferred to the region of hair loss. The hair that is extracted, known as donor's hair, are usually taken from sides and back of the head. On the other hand, the follicular units taken from the donor area are placed in between the existing hair over the recipient area.

Which clinic offers the best hair transplant services?

Anyone who is suffering from baldness or alopecia ought to seek the best treatment available. Since Delhi is well known for its medical facilities and world-class hospitals, it is highly advisable to seek hair transplant in Delhi. The question remains, “which clinic”? Well, considering factors such as availability of experienced hair experts, the presence of the most advanced surgical tools and instruments, round the clock services, great past record and customer satisfaction, the clinic that ought to be top the list of good clinics for hair transplant in Delhi happens to be Dermalife. The specialists at Dermalife follow a very systematic approach. Before considering a hair transplant, they first examine the patient. Thereafter, they conduct a microscopic hair evaluation to assess the location and percentage of hair miniaturization. Only after all these stages do they finally decide whether Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is the best option to achieve the desired results.