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Anal Fistula Is Painful And Problematic !

Submitted by akshadraza on Thu, 02/21/2019 - 11:20

An anal fistula is a small passage that can develop between the anal canal and the area near the anus. It is a painful medical condition which may also lead to bleeding and discharge while passing stools. The primary symptoms of anal fistula include: -

1. Swelling, itching or redness on the skin around the anus
2. Constant, throbbing pain that worsens while sitting down
3. Pus or blood discharge
4. Fever
5. Constipation

In most cases, a doctor will usually resort to a digital rectal examination in order to diagnose anal fistula. As for its cure, there exists only one cure for this painful and problematic medical condition and that is surgery. In order to receive the best treatment, one is advised to seek the treatment for anal fistula.

Treatment of anal fistula

As stated already, surgery is the only treatment of anal fistula. Depending on the position of the anal fistula, the doctor may opt for one of the following types of surgeries as
treatment for anal fistula: -

1. Fistulotomy - It involves cutting open the fistula so that the surgeon can clean out the contents.
2. Advancement flap procedures - Considering a fistula to be complex this option is advisable. This surgical option involves the removal of the fistula tract and reattachment of an advancement flap where the opening of the fistula was.
3. Bioprosthetic plug – It is a cone-shaped plug made of animal tissues and is used to close the internal opening of the fistula.
4. Fibrin Glu – This is the only non-surgical treatment option for anal fistulas in which fibrin glue that is made from plasma protein is injected into the fistula to seal and close the external opening.

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