Printer Not Recognizing Compatible Cartridges- 8 Steps To Take

Is your Samsung, HP, Brother, Canon, Ricoh or Epson printer not recognizing your new ink or toner cartridge? This is something that we find our customers experience every now and again so you definitely aren't alone!A printer not recognizing a new ink or toner cartridge is one of the most common issues that print owners experience when changing or replacing an empty one, irrespective of what brand printer you have, and one that our customers frequently ask us about.There may be occasions when, after installing a new ink or toner cartridge in your printer, you might see a message like:Your printer says "toner is not compatible"Your printer says "printer cartridge not detected"A low or empty level of ink and toner displayed on your computerA message on your printer warning "no cartridge installed" (or words to that effect)Flashing warning lights displayed on your printerInternal memory reset:Your printer should automatically recognize when you install a new cartridge and reset its internal memory, ensuring that it's displaying full ink and toner levels etc. However, sometimes the printer just doesn't do that correctly and believes that the old one, or no cartridge, is currently in there, instead.Protective strips:If you haven't removed protective covers or plastic strips that are attached to a new cartridge when you first take it out of its packaging, the printer will definitely fail to register the new cartridge.Dirty / damaged contacts:The canon printer ink or toner cartridge has a number of metal contacts that connect to similar metal contacts in the printer allowing them to communicate. Dirt or damage can prevent this.Firmware:Modern printers automatically connect to the internet but pc software or internal printer software (firmware) will often need to be updated. These updates can often fix bugs.Incorrect consumable installed:A rare occasion but this does happen! If a drum or fuser or other maintenance item was accidentally purchased instead of a toner or ink cartridge, the printer will not work and still needs a new ink or toner.So, here's what to do – 8 steps to try The first thing to do is not to panic! Whether you've bought them from us or another supplier, there really shouldn't be any reason why a good quality original or compatible cartridge wouldn't work in your printer so with a little patience, we'll get you through it. Try the following 8 steps to correct your issue. Resetting the printer memory:1. Remove your new cartridge and replace it with the old one. Leave your printer and go and do something else for 10 minutes.2. Replace the old cartridge with the Best Toner Cartridge again. These two steps alone often resolve the issue, so see if your printer now recognizes your new cartridges. However, if you're still having trouble…3. Remove the new cartridge. Make sure you place it in a clean and safe place where the cartridge or the surface won't be damaged.4. Turn the printer off button using its power button5. Unplug your printer at the wall. It's important to do both steps 4 and 5 separately, as some printers can remain in sleep mode if you've only switched off the power button on the printer control panel. Leave your printer like this for about 10 minutes or so.6. Plug your printer back in at the wall (but don't press the power button just yet)7. Insert your new cartridge8. Press the power button on your printer