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Know Some of the Signs That You Could Be Headed to an Early Grave

Extremely high blood pressure around the Blood Pressure Support Review 180/120 mark will start to manifest symptoms such as breathlessness or headache, for example. The headache is just one sign of blood vessel damage. Similarly, when a person gets their eyes checked then the ophthalmologist will routinely take a look at the vast network of tiny blood vessels on your retina. These are some of the first to be damaged in someone with severely high BP.

As I mentioned, breathlessness is a common symptom but it is easily mistaken for something else. After all, you could be slightly asthmatic, overweight or simply have a poor aerobic fitness due to lack of exercise and present with exactly the same symptom. The headaches could also be explained by a number of minor illnesses and even doctors will rarely suspect high BP although they should do a quick check because it costs them nothing.

But overall, high blood pressure rarely presents with any symptoms at all. You could be doing serious damage to the blood vessel network throughout your body and in your organs over several years and be completely unaware of it. For example, did you know that many people who receive regular kidney dialysis are there because of years of untreated high blood pressure?

Never wait for symptoms of this disease. If you do then much irreversible damage has already been done. Check your BP regularly and get it back into line as soon as possible if you find that yours is too high. And if you are already presenting with what you think are the classic symptoms then see your doctor as you must begin treatment immediately.