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9 Amazing Things to Do in Puerto Rico For Wonderful Experience

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Whether you are a city person or a country person, a beach-goer or a hiker, an art lover or an adventurer, Puerto Rico really has something for your every desire like persuasion. parties, farmers’ markets, galleries, and much more.
From the vast collection of the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico to a cave through which to view the rainforest below, to fields ready to welcome you as part of the family, the island makes the most of its 3,500 square miles. So, we asked some locals about their favorite activities! Their suggestions range from eating fresh-caught seafood to hiking through rainforests to discover colonial towns. If you are looking for an adventure trip, this place might be best for you. Stop looking furthermore! Just book southwest airlines reservations online and save around 40% off on every booking to your favorite destinations.
Despite being part of the Americas, Puerto Rico has preserved its rich culture with influences from Europe, Africa, and the native Taíno people. Here are our favorite things to do in Puerto Rico you should add to your checklist.
Plaza Colon
We enjoyed browsing through the local artisan booths in addition to seeing and enjoying some delicious ice cream. It's just outside Castillo de San Cristóbal, so you can easily combine visits to these two places. If you're looking for a place to start your exploration of Old San Juan, we recommend starting with Plaza Colón. it was awesome. Of course, these are the local experiences we just love when experiencing a new place.
Tanama River
Tanama River is the biggest river in Utuado offers it is a twist on the traditional river, it wi;l see the floating of the pitch-black cave. The word "tanama" is Taino for "butterfly," so expect to see many of them on your trip. The reward at the end of this adventure, which accommodates large groups, is a free face thanks to a large supply of river mud.
Fort Cristobal and Fort EL Morro
There is a free shuttle that runs between the two forts but does not run very often. When we were there, they were coming every 30 minutes to an hour. Fort Cristobal and Fort El Morro still stand today and are open to the public. A young girl watching an iguana at El Morro Fort in San Juan are ranger-guided tunnel tours that you can take if you're looking for more history about the forts.
Dazzle your sense at the beachside cliffs in Isabela
End the adventure by getting some local advice about what to eat for dinner—our Puerto Rico travel planners tell us that Restaurant El Platnal is a great stop for Puerto Rican fare. Puerto Rico, the coastal city of Isabella, has huge, surreal cliffs and cliffs. Locals suggest exploring places that most tourists miss, such as the abandoned Guajataca Railroad Tunnel or the crater cave of Pozo de Jacinto, both of which lead to white-sand beaches.
Pink Lakes in Cabo Rojo
There are no designated entry points or tickets for entry. You can park along the main road and enter for free. There is a small, volunteer-run information center, but the salt flats are not officially labeled or advertised as a tourist destination. For those flying to the west of the island, Cabo Rojo is only an hour away from the airport in Aguadilla. The city is an attraction for its natural wonders, including salt flats that look like a vast span of pink lakes in the right light.
Dive through Spanish shipwrecks
To snorkel past ships that date from the 1500s, head to Vieques or Rincón. Puerto Rico is known for its stunning blue waters, but even more amazing treasures lie beneath the surface. You can also scuba-dive if you are certified.
Savor the food truck scene in Santurce
Locals highly recommend the Miramar Food Truck Park, where you can try awesome fusion dishes like Peruvian ceviche at the Peru Rico Food Truck or roll fried cheese at Que Tostan. Santurce is San Juan's up-and-coming artsy neighborhood—and no artsy hotspot would be complete without a food truck.
EL Tour de Vaca Negra
Make reservations for brunch as well as a tour here for the full experience. Vaca Negra is a local manufacturer of fine-aged cheeses. They offer tours, for which they gather a small group to learn what they do, taste cheese, and then make their own cheese that will be available in two months. Most people who come to Vaca Negra will already be fans of their cheese or are interested in how it's made. The focus is on local, agricultural ingredients.
Experience the unparalleled beauty of beaches in Culebra
Our locals recommend double-checking ferry times—and, if you're up for it, boarding the ferry early at 6 a.m. to maximize your time at the beach. Vaca Negra is a local manufacturer of fine-aged cheeses. They offer tours, for which they gather a small group to learn what they do, taste cheese, and then make their own cheese that will be available in two months.
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