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5 things that indicate an attack of termites in the interior of your house

Termite protection on Gold Coast is vital for all homes, as these pests cause millions of dollars worth of property damage each year. Most home insurance policies specifically exempt termite damage from their covers as this is preventable by taking adequate precautions and measures to provide termite protection in your Gold Coast property. Whether you have just moved in or been there for a while, termites don’t discriminate the love wood.

These five signs will indicate that termites are attacking the interior of your house:

1. Swarmer

When termites are in their reproductive stage, they grow wings and swarm out of their nests looking for a place to form a new colony. Usually this happens around dusk with subterranean termites in the spring, but with dry wood termites it can happen anytime.
The first indication is a swarm of insects trying to gain entry to your home because they are attracted by your evening lights. You may find their discarded wings around window and doorways as well as under lights. Seeing these iridescent wings around your home suggests you need to call a termite protection company on The Gold Coast.

2. Rippled or cracked Pain on Wood Surfaces

Termites can enter the wood work around your home without being seen, once there, they create tunnels through the timber in search of food. This often caused bumps, bulges and ripples in the paint finish.

3. Structural Timber around your home sounds Hollow when tapped

These destructive pests can very quickly devour the inside of the timbers and furniture in your home. They like the darkness and coolness inside timber while searching for their food so leave the surface looking pristine until they have eaten and destroyed the wood completely.

When you tap the woodwork it will sound hollow like a drum, telling you these pests are at work

4. Mud Tubes

Termites need to be cool and moist to survive, so when they need to travel as they forage for food and come across areas they cannot eat through they build mud tubes on the surface for protection. Often these will start in the moist sub-floor timbers of a building and can travel up walls and extend many meters in all directions.

5. Fras or Termite Droppings around your Home

AS they devour the wood around the inside of your home, termites leave a trail of fass, their droppings. Often they will make a small hole to the surface where they push out their fass. This soon makes a recognizable pile which can range in colour depending on the type of wood they’re eating. Usually it resembles a pile of brown sugar or coffee grounds directly under the hole they made to discard it. If you see this, you need to take steps and call a qualified termite protection company on The Gold Coast for assistance in controlling and removing them.

Protect your home and contents from the threat of termites by calling a professional termite protection company on The Gold Coast. They will help you save your investment and your furniture before termites get the change to get in and destroy your home or control and remove them if your home and property is already infected.